Unleashing liquidity with RAYS's BNB Liquid Staking for RWA-backed assets

Unleashing liquidity with RAYS's BNB Liquid Staking for RWA-backed assets

RAYS's BNB Liquid Staking (LSD) is set to revolutionize the DeFi landscape by offering users a novel staking solution that unlocks new opportunities for maximizing returns without sacrificing liquidity for RWA-backed assets. Learn how this groundbreaking application simplifies DeFi for all.

RAYS, a decentralized platform revolutionizing the DeFi space, is set to launch BNB Liquid Staking, an innovative xApp built on its protocol. This groundbreaking application will empower users to stake their BNB tokens, earn rewards, and maintain liquidity simultaneously, all while maximizing their earning potential with RWA-backed assets in the ever-evolving DeFi landscape.

Introducing BNB Liquid Staking (LSD)

In a significant leap forward, RAYS's BNB Liquid Staking will enable users to stake their BNB tokens without sacrificing liquidity, addressing the traditional illiquidity issue associated with staking. This novel approach unlocks new opportunities for users to utilize their staked tokens in other DeFi applications, maximizing the earning potential. 

The Native Liquid Staking BNB will become available following the BSC network update scheduled for June, allowing users to experience the full benefits of this innovative staking solution.

RAYS protocol: simplifying DeFi for all

At the heart of RAYS lies the RAYS Protocol, a decentralized platform designed to simplify the development, deployment, and discovery of dApps in the DeFi space. The platform consists of three key products:

  • Protocol builder xApps

    A user-friendly, decentralized development environment that enables developers with limited blockchain knowledge to create smart contract-based dApps for money markets.

  • xMarketplace

    An exclusive DeFi app store where users can discover, invest in, and interact with various dApps, while developers gain access to a wider audience.

  • Launchpad xApps

    A platform that raises liquidity and launches new xApps, fostering growth and innovation within the RAYS ecosystem.

Our vision and mission

RAYS aims to streamline the process of dApp development, discovery, and interaction for both developers and users, with a focus on integrating real-world assets (RWA). By addressing the complexity of dApp development and offering a user-friendly marketplace, RAYS is poised to drive growth and adoption of RWA in the DeFi space.

In addition to the upcoming BNB Liquid Staking, RAYS has several innovative xApps in the pipeline. These applications will further enhance the platform's offerings and solidify RAYS's position as a pioneer in the DeFi space, particularly in the context of RWA.

Stay tuned for more updates as RAYS continues to redefine the DeFi landscape with its cutting-edge solutions and unwavering commitment to simplifying DeFi for all by integrating real-world assets.