DEX-driven dApp

Constructor Protocol

Lowering DeFi Entry Barriers with Easy dApp Creation and Monetization.

It addresses key market challenges with:

Rax Rank
Transparent Asset Ratings

Proprietary algorithms provide fair and transparent ratings of crypto assets, addressing the lack of reliable valuation metrics.

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Developer Empowerment

A universal dApp platform lowers the barrier to entry for developers, accelerating dApp development and innovation.

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Engaging Game Mechanics

Gamified incentives enhance user engagement, driving DeFi adoption and community building.

Key Technology

RaysX's technological prowess lies in:

Marketplace mini dApps
RaysX DEX Terminal
Advanced Analytics

Proprietary algorithms provide in-depth on-chain analytics, empowering informed trading decisions.

RaysX Protocol
RaysX DEX Terminal
Universal dApp Platform

Enables developers to build and deploy external apps without smart contract knowledge, fostering a vibrant dApp ecosystem.

$RAX Token
RaysX DEX Terminal
Gamified Incentives

Implements engaging game mechanics, such as Trade2Earn and NFT upgrades, to incentivize trading, platform usage, and community engagement.

Main Concept

RAX token is the main element of tokenomics. Developers build cApps in any programming language and convert to dApps using RaysX Procotol, paying for the conversion with RAX tokens. Users install fresh dApps from the application marketplace into their RaysX DEX terminal, use dApps data to make exchange transactions, the protocol earns a fee in native blockchain currencies, part of which is paid to the developer. Also, the user can buy NFT platforms, trade and earn RAX, this is another important incentive in our tokenomics.

Core Scheme

Protocol Trade fee

Protocol Trade fee

*сApps - Centralized Applications in any programming launguages.
Swap Buy / Sell Pressure Incoming Tokens Web3 Schedule Trending RAX Core Score Total Amount:

Use Cases

RaysX caters to a diverse range of users:

Seasoned DeFi Enthusiasts:

Leverage advanced trading bots, custom indicators, and sophisticated scripts to optimize their trading performance.

Individual Traders:

Access a comprehensive suite of trading tools, analytics, and external apps to enhance their trading strategies.

Skilled Developers:

Build and monetize dApps on the RaysX platform, expanding the DeFi ecosystem with innovative solutions.

Data-Driven Analysts:

Produce sophisticated forecasts and reports using rich data sets, contributing to informed decision-making within the DeFi space.

Extended Apps

External dApps Example

We aim to empower the new decentralized economy on blockchain by bringing innovative tools and transparent analytics with fast, reliable, and efficient Web3 apps at scale.

For this reason, we decided to launch a universal platform for developers who want to create external open-source applications. With the help of the marketplace of external applications, like the App Store or the Play Market in the traditional world, any developer can deploy their application and it will be available to a wide range of investors and users of our platform.

These applications interact via Web 3.0 directly with smart contracts, blockchain and on-chain data. In this way, we want to make DeFi protocols more adaptive and mobile, this will be an important step towards DeFi 2.0.

Base Tokenomics

Base Tokenomics

$RAX Token Ecosystem

RaysX creates an ecosystem in which the token is not only a tool for acquiring additional functionality, as platform analytics, external apps, and NFTs to boost your reward. It is also a tool for motivation and deflation on the part of the platform to maintain its integrity and viability for years to come.

The platform spends $RAX profits on DAO Governance, buying back and burning RAX, halving, providing user demand for RAX tokens, and creating an Emergency Pool.

In addition, RaysX allows users to take advantage of Game-Fi monetization mechanics and get more $RAX for using NFTs.

$RAX Token Ecosystem
Traders and investors receive $RAX for staking and their contributions to the platform.
$RAX Token Ecosystem
The community receives $RAX for loyalty and support in the development of the platform.
$RAX Token Ecosystem
Developers are rewarded with $RAX for their app usage as fees and commissions.
AI Generative NFT Collection

AI Generative NFT Collection

Buy NFTs, use External Apps, and Earn an additional $RAX token.

Upgrade NFTs using Game-Fi mechanics and earn more.

After upgrading you can resale NFT at the price higher than the purchase to receive additional profit

Revenue Streams

RAX Token Utility
Transactions Trading Fees
Transactions Trading Fees

Trading fees apply when you buy or sell crypto after using the analytical tools of RaysX. A transaction fee is a charge that platform get when user processes a transaction in BNB/ETH.

Sale and Resale of NFTs
Sale and Resale of NFTs

Users buy NFT to receive additional incentives in $RAX for using it during trading. After upgrading the NFT, the user can resale it at a price higher than the purchase.

Platform Fees
Platform Fees

The platform receives a fee for using external applications uploaded by developers.

$RAX Buyback
$RAX Buyback

Up to 50% of the platforms profit in BNB/ETH (and other crypto) will be distributed to buyback $RAX and burn it.

$RAX Burning

$RAX Burning
Exclusive analytics

Burning RAX to get full access to platform’s analytics & forecasts


Burning RAX to get NFTs for Trade2Earn

Weight of the vote

Users will burn some of tokens by themselves in order to participate in DAO

Upgrade NFTs

Burning RAX to get NFTs for Trade2Earn

External dApps market

Burn RAX to get external apps for trading (subscriptions or usage fees)

Power of DAO

Part of platform’s tokens will be burned by the decision of DAO Governance

Competitive Advantage

DEX Token Rank
Protocol for Convert cApps to dApps (for developers)
One Terminal for All DEXs (for users)
Marketplace dApps for Terminal
Trade and Earn
Website Traffic Per Month
Deeper Analytics
More Metrics
Plan 1-2m in end 2024


  • Formation Core Team
  • R&D Technical Infrastructure
  • An Experimental Predictive Algorithm
  • Core Infrastructure Dev
  • RAX Tokenomics Dev
  • Website Dev
  • UI/UX Product Dev
  • Seed Invest Round
  • Base Community Building
  • Base RAX Token Launch on ETH, BSC
  • RaysX Dex Terminal v1
  • RaysX Procotol v1
  • Dev Community Building
  • RAX Listing on CEX
  • NFT launch
  • Trade and Earn
  • RAXDAO launch
  • RAX Governance
  • Launch Grants Program
  • Premium RAX Utility

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